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Bill Scherer

Mar 25, 2001
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I have been looking for a travel boat cover for my Nitro 700 lx sc. Has anyone bought one from Nitro and how do they fit? Thanks for any imformation.
I have the Tracker TV-18 and I bought the cover from Tracker and it just came in last night. I was really impressed with the quality of the material, construction and custom fit to the boat. There were also plenty of straps, 6 per side I think. I'm sure that the same quality (if not more) would be put into a Nitro cover.

Like I said, I just got it last night. I'm someone here has had one longer and can give us both some input on the longevity of the covers.

I have the Nitro 700LXDC cover from Tracker. It is well made and secures tightly over the boat. It's a good cover.

Like most covers, even well fitted ones, it is very difficult to avoid some wind-induced vibration/flapping on the highway. Just be sure to check your boat's finish for any wear caused by a flapping cover. You may need to put a soft blanket underneath the cover for longer trips.
I bought a Nitro cover for my 912. It fits like a glove. Heavy duty material & plenty of ties. Goes down the road at 70 mph fine. I'm impressed.
I have the cover in the Bass Pro Catalog for the TV 17 Single Console Aluminum semi v.. Fits perfect and water rolls off perfectly. Trailers Perfect. I do wish I had a snap cover for on the water though. Has anyone modified a coner like this for on the water?
For those of you who have bought boat covers specifically made for your make and model of boat. Did you order it directly from Tracker Marine or BPS?

I ordered mine when I ordered the boat from my dealer. I think the BPS ones are cheaper, but the Tracker ones match the color of the boat (mine does anyway) and have the Tracker logo on them. A little of touch class for a small price.


Mine was part of a promotion when the boat was sold at the dealership. It too has the tracker logo and fits like a glove. :)