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Mike Waldrop

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Mar 1, 2000
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I was wanting to know how I could find out were my boat was build other than asking the dealer. Could I call Tracker and give them the hull number so they could tell my or is there any why of tell on the boat.

As far as know, the Nitro boats are built at the Lebanon plant (I think). All the Nitro boats are built at the same place, so maybe Doug can confirm this.

Until this year all of the Nitro boats were built in our CLinton, Missouri plant, but we have moved production of some of the Nitro's to our Murfreesboro, TN plant. Mike: if you will email me you hull number, I can tell you exactly where it was built.
Doug...Murfreesboro, TN? Is that formerly the plant of another boat maker?
Mike: Since your boat is a 2000 NITRO NX882, I do believe it was made in our Clinton plant.
My 901 came from Murfreesboro,....I saw it on the Dealer "checklist" that came with it. Doug, do you know if they're using the same process and tools at all the plants or is there some variation among them?? Just curious....

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