Battery chaging part 2

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Rich D

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Apr 30, 2001
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Thank you all for your responses to my previous post. However, your responses triggered a new line of questions. I noticed several of you talk about on board chargers.

1. Are they difficult to install? I installed a surface temperature gauge myself, would it be the same level of difficulty?

2. Do the onboard chargers have an automatic shut off?

3. My batteries require maintenance and I was told to always remove the caps when charging. What about acid, specifically fumes, damaging the boat?

Thanks to all in advance!

Rich D
Relatively easy to install, especially if your batteries are next to each other. I never remove caps for charging, that would only evaporate more water. You can get a decent one for $100 Bucks I hava a Guest 2 Bank 10 amp/ 5 per Bank. Maintains the Batteries when not charging. Waterproof too. Great investment Just plug her in when you get home or some Piers have shore power. Get an outdoor extension cord to reach the outlet.
Took 15 minutes to install. Absolutely the best investment you could make. Just plug it in and forget it. Just don't forget to unplug it! Several models at different prices. Just pick your poisen and you will never regret it. Mines a Guest, same model as Essox Tracker.
Great! Now I just have to figure out a way to justify it to the wife!!

Thanks All!

The justification is easy. Tell her to read everyone's posts. It works for me, I just say "But hunny, everyone on the board said it's worth it". And no body knows better than this crowd.


PS, I LOVE my on-board charger!
Rich, I have a Guest on my boat. They are worth their weight in gold and very easy to install. Get one! I don't take the caps off my batteries. I just plug it in when I get home from fishing and let it do it's thing. I think mine is the model 2613.