Barb! Mac and Neeley NEED YOU!!!!!!

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Staci Matheis

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Oct 13, 2000
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Good Lord...... Talk about an event needing a woman's touch....... Those boys have WAY too much "T" floatin' around in their systems! Makes me grateful to be old and way past my prime!

Let's get our own weekend goin'....... I've still got all these chocolate covered strawberries 'n Champagne sittin' around waitin' to be served to you Ladies!


I don't know Scott....sounds a bit scary to me....maybe we can get together in the Spring for some trout fishing down your way. They closed all the cooling lakes around here....can't fish except way up North or way down south.

Hang on to the strawberries....we still might be able to use them!

Mac -

I've spoken with your wife...... She is a sweetheart! I'd bet your daughters are, too! You're one heck of a lucky guy!

Now, if you'd like - and if you can behave yourself - maybe you can go fishin' with Barb and I sometime! If you don't have an ultra light for trout - I've got several and can take care of seeing that you're well equipped! You'll just have to settle for champagne instead of Coronas!

Barb -

You don't have to wait until spring to fish for trout down here....... I've canoed and fished the rivers many times in the middle of winter - it's beautiful! And the trout don't know the difference - they LOVE the colder water!

Now, I won't touch the champagne - I'm strictly the Caffine Free Diet type. But I don't want to take a chance on those chocolate covered strawberries not keepin'......... Chocolate in one hand, insulin in the other - bring on the winter!!!

Oh, and by the way, Mac......... I want to be sure that, if you do join us, you have the pleasure of catching some of those big male browns we've got down here in the Current River........ So, I've ordered some of this special attractant just for your use! At great expense, I might add! It's called "Fish-in-Rut"........



I have been sick as a dog the last couple of days, I even cancelled a fshing trip with Scott Dobson! BUT, I could be talked into going crappie fishing!!!! Feeling much better now (esp after seeing your post). Perhaps this eve? Call me at home and we can discuss it.

Well if you tow get bored and want to try some slab perch through the ice, 10"-12" perch doubles on bottom in 60' of water on 4lb test is fun. Especially on a 24" pole. I'm not a HUGE advocate of ice fishing, please's simply a lack of options! LOL My Dr says that sitting in my boat all of Jan and Feb in the barn and weeping uncontrolably is not healthy!