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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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I see you are having your first tourney on Champlain this weekend. Be prepared, this is opening weekend and on the south end where you will be there are 4-6 tourneys this weekend. Going to be a LOT of boats out there. Run south to Ti creek in Ticonderoga. I place 2nd, missed 1st by 2oz in that creek. Throw a jig&pig along the RR bridge supports. A spinnerbait in the mouth is good for a quick limit too. Also run across to Otter on the vermont side or the paper mill on the Ny side. There is a warm water discharge. Also, if you get real close to the bank near the mill you will see a little stone hole or inlet that sneaks back under the tracks to some back water. Very easy to miss but if you can fit your boat back there it should pay nicely. Good luck, let me know how you do.
Rob, Thanks, I will check out these areas and let you know how I do. I know it will be a busy weekend, but am looking forward to fishing there. I have heard nothing but good things about that lake. By the way, I love to throw that jig & pig....I will also make sure to put fresh batteries in the gps.

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