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Joshua Davis

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Jun 11, 2001
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Is the Nitro 929 a good boat? Has anyone had any problems with it? If you have please tell me what they were. I would like to know everything i possibly could about this boat. Is it built good or bad thanks for all the help and anyone can tell me anything please do.
Josh -

Rich and I had a borrowed 929 with a 225 Opti for the Nitro Website Tournament on Truman Lake in April.......

WOW!! What a boat!!! That thing is as big as an aircraft carrier! We almost had to use walkie-talkies to communicate between the front and rear decks! In spite of the size - it was easily manuvered through any patches of stick-ups we could find. And, when we got on the throttle - it plain old got up and went! Slight chine walk was easily overcome. The water was moderately choppy on the second day thanks to a strong, stiff wind - but the 929 rode smoothly. Our borrowed boat had a hot-foot; I'd highly recommend it! It was easily towed up and down the hills in the Ozarks by my 6-cylinder Jeep Cherokee.

My only complaint about the boat was a 3/4" rise in the floor between the seat and the in-floor ice chest - I kept tripping over it. (But I'm a klutz anyway!)

Get the dual console - my mouth and cheeks are permenantly flared out from sitting in the passenger seat at 70 mph!


Being an old sportscar fanatic, I had to cut a coupla corkscrews and figure-8's from speed....... It turns on a dime! Only moderate body roll. Very slight trimming was required to keep the power in the water. Slipage was almost unnoticable.

You can chase down jet-skiiers all day long with this bad boy!

I'm running a 2001 929 dual console this year with a 10" hydraulic Bass Jack, 25P tempest with two plugs out, 225 Optimax, and it rips!!! At WOT I'm gps-ing 72-73mph full tournament load with only 9hrs on the powerhead and plugs starting to load from double oiling! My hole shot is less than a boat and a half and it handles like a dream, refusing to blow out on sharp turns. Rough water handling is comparable to an offshore boat, like my 911 was last year. I can't recommend it highly enough. It is the best boat built!

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