901 CDX Problem and a Fix For Another

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Wayne Riley

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Mar 16, 2000
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#1 Anyone else had a stress crack on the side of their hull as a result of the aluminum rod holder (the part with the tubes to hold the rods)? Mine was in so snug up against the hull that a stress crack developed that shows up as a 2 inch by 2 inch "star" shaped crack that you can see but cannot feel (the cracks are definately on the inside of the glass).

#2 If you constantly find your rods getting all caught together with the rod holder system, remove the tubes (which are too short) and replace them with with full length golf club tubes. Works like a charm! NO MORE mating rods.
Don't you wish we could get more spinning rods in there???....They only allow for 5!!...i need 7-8 atleast, and the other rod locker is full of stuff like "boat bag", life jackets, throwable cushion, etc..etc. The 896's rod locker's can hold alot more than our 901's. Sure miss thayt extra room!!!

Please Mac, cry me a river....LOL

I just whipped together a rod organizer similar to Rich's in the grab bag. I'll do it again when I have more time, but 6'6" rod was getting stuck in the golf club tube. Now the rods aren't tangling but I think the eyes are getting caught on the end of the tube. I'm using full length tubes too. Back to the old drawing board.


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