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Mike Paul

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Mar 17, 2001
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Just want to know your opinions. My dealer offered to sell me a loaded 96 896 Savage with a 96 200hp EFI Merc for 16,500, he said he would give me 10,000 for my 98 700LXDC with a 99 90hp Merc in trade, so I would have to pay about 7,000 to boot,Do you guys think this is a good deal? just wondering
Not knowing the conditions of either of the boats..... The numbers sound pretty fair to me!

Sounds a little expencive for the 896 however... it sounds as though he is giving you a little much for your boat also... i guess it all boils down to... what you can afford... the 896 is a good boat, and you'd be happy with it....
I would suggest checking out the NADA site for more info. http://www.nadaguides.com/

The boat you are buying is listed for about $2K over book as well as what he is giving you for yours. It's pretty much a wash, sales tax would be the only real difference, you end up paying more at $16,500.
Sorry, maybe I should have told you the condition of the boats. The 896 is very nice with a couple of very minor cosmedic scatches,the dealer said he would extend the warranties on the hull and motor and sell me a cover at his cost. as far as my trade the 700LXDC is a nice boat, it has gelcoat cracks on the deck by the seats, by the trolling motor, and on the sides below the waterline,tracker said they wouldn't warranty it because it is a non-current boat, so I don't know what good a hull warranty is
Mike -

It still sounds like a fair deal to me.

I couldn't care less what someone quotes me on the value of a trade-in or the vehicle I'm buying - whether it's a boat, car motorcycle, whatever...... The only number that matters is the bottom line: the difference I've got to pay between the two.

I don't know about where you all live - but here in Missouri we pay sales tax on the Difference, not the selling price.


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