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Sep 6, 2017
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Hey Fellas and Lassies,

Glad to be a member and representing Central Ontario. in the Muskoka & Haliburton area, roughly 250 Km (150 Miles) just north of Toronto (where I currently live).

A few weeks ago we made the trip down to Grand Pointe Marine, Sterling Heights Michigan to pick up our new 2005 Nitro 288 Sport with a 2005 Mercury 225 Optimax. Over the moon with the boat after a couple weekend on the water. There are some very minor issues with certain elements of the interior, live well plugs, sound system but I will leave those questions to the proper forum. Looking forward to discussions with all of you receiving feedback on my questions and providing hopefully positive and accurate insight to the rest of you!

I plan to use this boat primarily at the cottage on weekends and on surrounding lakes when the fishing gets tough. We do a lot of watersports (Slalom, Wakeboarding & Barefooting) so this boat is the perfect fit for us.

All the best,

6262301_20170607133121928_1_XLARGE.jpg 6262301_20170607133122456_1_XLARGE.jpg 6262301_20170607133123277_1_XLARGE.jpg 6262301_20170607133124067_1_XLARGE.jpg Snapchat-825806336.jpg

Marcus Ferguson

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Feb 6, 2018
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So I am close to purchasing the exact same boat. Same model, year and engine. Now that you have had it a little longer is there anything more you can tell me about it that would be nice to know before making an offer? I also have a few questions if you don't mind me asking: Does it pull skiers well with a few adults in the boat? Does it fish nicely being a fish and ski? Does yours have hydraulic steering and if not, is it difficult to steer (like I have heard)? I'd also love to know what you ended up paying if that isn't too personal (PM me if you'd rather and if you don't feel like sharing I understand).

Funny story, I live very close to where you bought your boat and was actively looking for a local fish ski just like that one all last year. Not sure how I missed finding that one, but my loss was your gain so congratulations!


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