120 Force bogging at intial thrust

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Ron Chapman

Apr 10, 2001
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Sorry guys been out trying to find some bass found a few but they were on the small side and were mubling something that sounded like "sayhi tu scot" not sure what they ment go figure. But the motor still seems to not like me to punch the throttle at take off or loading it that last bit on the trailer it bogs if i slowly give it the gas let the rpms come up on the trailer punch the choke then give it the gas it goes on . and at take off i just have to give it enough gas to let the rpms get over 1000-1100 before i punch it. it idles at 800 and 600 or so in gear is this normal?

Sorry Scott the devil made me do it :)

Ron, check the fuel bulb, when I had the Force 120hp sometimes I would lose pressure in the fuel line
causing the bulb to be flat. I would just pump the bulb back up until is firm again and she would be up and running right. Just something to check on when your out.
Ron -

I assume that the 120 Force is set up the sane as the 115 Merc - runs on only 2 cylinders under about 1800 to 2000 rpms........ My 115 bogged, too. It's just the nature of the beast because there just isn't quite enough torque there at low rpms. I just learned to ease the throttle up to where numbers 3 and 4 would kick in - then went to the floor!

You guys are just lucky that I'm SO good natured....... :^)

The Force 120 doesn't do the 2+2...it's a cross flow design and should idle smoothly.

Ron, the Force 75 I had ran a whole lot better when I was good about keeping the plugs clean. After every four or five trips, wiping down the plugs improved the idle and the initial acceleration. The plugs were the gapless type, and it was amazing how much stuff would accumulate in them.

How do your plugs look?
Rob, I tried the plugs put brand spankin new ones in even it was no help it was my first guess. Is there any place to find out what RPM I should have at idle in gear?

and Scott you do seem good natured otherwise i would have never took a chance at the humor, feel free to jab back anytime.