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  1. B

    Z18 question

    Hey everyone im new to the group and had a question about my z18. Curious if anyone knows why there is a formed circle around 4” dia. at the stern deck just above where the motor rigging enters the hull? Im going to install a point 1 soon and looking for a good location. Most pics ive seen of...
  2. S

    Z18 Passenger console removed - plugs for bolt holes???

    Just purchased a 2017 Z18 from the original owner. Passenger Console had never been removed. I removed it but now looking for some plugs for the bolt holes. Didn’t know if there was something that would have originally came with the boat to plug those? Or what others are using to plug those...
  3. Kerz

    2018 Z18 Concerning Issues

    All, Just to advise. I've recently found a couple of concerning issues with my Z18. These are relevant to the rear port side. First, I noticed a gasoline odor when raising the rear compartment cover. Upon further inspection I found the fuel line (5/8 suction line) clamp loose and stripped...
  4. Kerz

    Z18 Threaded Pedestals Unscrew

    2018 Z18 with threaded pedestals. My boat came with the threaded pedestals. These work great in minimizing wobble as long as they stay tight. Here is the problem. After an hour or so they eventually begin to loosen and will become completely backed-out. So far I've tried: Adding thrust...
  5. Thomas Sylvester

    2019 Merc 150 Pro Xs Prop?

    Hey Guys, New to Nitroowners. I just bought a 2019 Z18 with a 150 Pro XS four-stroke. This engine came standard with a Fury 23P 3 blade prop with all 3 PVS holes fully plugged. I also have a mechanical 6” slide master jack plate. Running approx 2-1/2” below pad. Boat runs very smooth, pops up...