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  1. S

    In-floor Storage On 2015 Tracker Pro Guide 175 Combo

    Wondering if anyone has size measurements of the in-floor rodlocker/storage area on a 2015 V175 combo. I want to turn mine into tackle storage and I have an idea but can’t get at the boat to measure since it’s in storage.
  2. Mike Jacobsen

    2018 Pro Guide V 175 Combo Prop Testing

    I recently purchased this boat. It has a 115 mercury 4 stroke. I have had it out 4 times now. With the stock prop and a light load I could only achieve 37mph @ 5200 rpms at wot. Stock prop is a 13.25 x 17 black max 3 blade. I could not trim the motor much at all before the prop started to...