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Feb 29, 2000
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posted a message on the zercom lpg 2000 on the walleyecentral board.got a lot of good posts on this unit.

well,gander mtn had it for $599,someone on walleye board told me about reeds sporting goods has it for $399.well,i ordered one on the 24th,just got it today!what service!i will probally buy off them again.

well,almost everything is replaced now.all but a few spoons and such.got a great deal on a pair of big jon riggers,they go for $1200+ on there site,got them,1yr old for $600.

well,if it wasnt for the sore jaw from getting a tooth pulled out,i would be out putting this sucker on!!besides its a little cold out now.

oh well,thats life!!

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