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Bill Willette

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Jan 19, 2003
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Finally got it done this year!!!
When I got my Z17 4 years ago (can't believe that long), I really went with minimal options to keep my payment down. Only addition previously was a Hook 5/GPS on bow.
I realize not super high end stuff here but staying on budget I've now got a usable 7" console graph (had a 4" unit from factory) and now 24v trolling motor with 3 bank charger replacing a 12v system.
The upgrades included:
1) Dash unit upgraded to a Hook 7 Reveal - I was able to order a new dash insert panel from my dealer and flush install came out great following instructions from Lowrance. I have part number around here somewhere at it was about $32 bucks and dealer got it quick. If anyone needs information on that let me know. I really hemmed and hawed over doing a bracket mount on the new dash insert but since the Lowrance bracket is plastic and I had security concerns I went flush install in the end.
2) 24v Edge 70 trolling motor
3) Second battery installation (had to relocate the single tray added a second and kept them centered)
4) NOCO GeniusPRO 10X3 replaced the 2bank 10 amp Genius

I've had it out once since the upgrades and loving it, I already love the boat but these upgrades are a game changer!!!