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Buzz Bouvier

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Feb 22, 2001
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Well, I check out the sheer pin on the trolling motor and that was O.K., I also checked the breaker and that was fine, had voltage going to the female plug. The prop still won't spin. I checked Motorguide's web site and they had a section under trouble shooting and it said that there may be a resettable switch in the head. Does anyone know what year that the switch that they refer to was installed/taken out. My trolling motor is a Motor Guide/Tracker Pro Series 60(I believe,I'm not home to check it.) The boat is a 1997 and I'm assuming that the trolling motor is of the same year. Besides the dual breaker that's resettable for the trolling motor, is there a in-line fuse that I may be overlooking somewhere. I don't see any coming off the battery other then the one for the cranking battery. I know it wouldn't be blown as I wouldn't have power to the female plug, but would like to know for future knowledge. Any help would be greatly appreciate as I'm hoping to go fishing on Thursday.