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David Heine

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Jun 27, 2001
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Loudon TN
I have a 1997 Crestliner Sportfish and they used non sealed wood back in the day, so ya, it was time to replace it. It was soooo much fun replacing it. I was really lucky in that I got the old wood out in one piece so that I had an accurate template to make my new wood replacement. I used marine grade plywood, and sealed it up with the jamestown epoxy kit for wood. That stuff makes the wood tough as nails and will probably out live my lifetime. I got rid of the allen wrench head bolts that were installed to secure the transom to the wood to the 45 supports welded to the floor - and replaced them with grade 8 bolts hex heads and larger washers. The main cost was the marine grade plywood. Took me about a month to do. I missed out on being a camera boat at the bassmasters classic, cause my boat was out of commission. Oh well.