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Thomas Macaluso

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Jul 10, 2000
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well it seems that tracker customer service is really making an attempt to get better . I was looking for a spare switch for the livewell on my 929 and couln't find any dealers that carried dealer attempted to get a switch from tracker and was told that it was discontinued and not available. Well when I heard this I blew my top and send a few e mails to tracker . A few days later the manager of the nitro plant called me back and but me in touch with a Mr. charles Mooney who send me a few switches for free. maybe tracker is finally getting their act together I wouls like to think that maybe thanks to Rich we Nitro and tracker owners now have a format to get together and tracker now realizes that they better start treating their loyal and first time owners better or they might go the way of OMC

Bill McElroy

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Jul 26, 2000
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That's good to hear Tom,....Let's hope we see a lot more positive posts like yours in the near future. Tracker's working their tails off to improve the CS issues,'s a monumentous task considering the volumn they produce, so when something happens in your our favor,..I hope we all take the time to say "THANKS!!",..someone deserves atleast that much!! Keep up the good work!!

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