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Sold My Nitro

Thread in 'Site news' started by firedog978, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. firedog978

    firedog978 Well-Known Member

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    Apr 29, 2008
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I mainly wanted to let you all know how the Nitro holds it's value.

    In February of 2001, I bought my Nitro 175 Sport fish and ski new at Bass Pro Shop (Cinci.).
    An absolutely fantastic boat. It served my needs for 17 years! It was always garaged and kept in excellent shape. Oh, it had it's little bumps and dings but nothing more than very minor.
    The gel coat shined like it was brand new. The 75 hp Tracker ran as smooth as glass and was way more speed than I ever thought a 75 could do! Everything worked and numerous updates were added over the years (too many to mention).

    Anyway, in March of 2015 I suffered a few bouts of chest pain and shortness of breath. Saw my doctor and he immediately did an EKG and scheduled me the next day for a treadmill. They said I had a blockage and needed the next day to do an angiogram. It showed a total occlusion of the coronary artery. Lot's of meds and extreme change of life. After about 7 months of that, they wanted me to consider an 'intervention'. A risky procedure to go in both femoral arteries and open the coronary artery. It worked, opened along with having 3 stents.

    I realized I wasn't using my boat very often the last 2 years. Actually, not very much at all. It just didn't seem right to let it sit in the garage and age. So, I decided to advertise it for sale. Within an hour I had a number of people wanting to see it. And, each day there was several more interested. Long story short, I sold the boat.
    Hears where I realized the Nitro holds it's value. Now I'm not giving the following numbers for any other reason than to show a good 'used Nitro' will hold it's value.

    Bought new: 2001 $14,600.00
    Sold 17 years later: 2018 $7,000.00

    My opinion, If I can get basically half of what I bought it for and used it for 17 years; I'm extremely happy.
    The only question now is, as one of the first members of NTOWS can I still play on the site even without my boat! Ha Ha! Truck '09 and boat 006.jpg

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