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Bill / NY Kooi

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Nov 9, 2000
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I am looking for the best setup for a 2001 901 It is for a freind of mine. His boat has a 25 tempest. Any suggestion on height and spear prop would be helpful since the boat hasn't been in the water yet. Oh ya the boat is going to be loaded pretty good lots of gear.

Bill McElroy

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Jul 26, 2000
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Bill,...I have a 2000 901 with a 200HP Opti and the standard manual motor is mounted to the plate in the 3rd hole,...i have the height of the jack plate set at 1/4" above level...I have a 23P Trophy prop with 2 vent plugs flies out of the hole and my top end is 68-69 GPS at 5300 RPM.....I could get better top end with a 25P and I will probably try one on my 2001 901 which JUST came in and I also will be using a Detwiler Hydraulic Jack this year, so engine height will be fully adjustable and no more "tweeking" at the ramp!! With a 25P prop. though you will need atleast 2 of the vent plugs removed from the prop hub in order to get the RPM's up for a decent hole shot....your top end should be in the low 70's with a 200 EFI and hi60-'s to low 70's with the Opti,.....but you will probably have to play with engine height in order to get the performance you're looking for,.....i had to adjust mine up 1/2" from the factory setting and it made a HUGE diffference....make your adjustments in 1/4" increments and you'll be able to dial it in just right,...good luck and don't forget to really torque those bolts down tight on the jack plate,'re engine will torque it out of alignment if they're not super tight,...good luck and keep us posted on the ride and handling....i think you'll really like the 901,'s a great ride and very fishable......can't wait to use my 2001!! Good luck and thanks for choosing NITRO!!

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