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Jul 25, 2019
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Philadelphia pa
So over this winter I plan on going with a remanufactured Mercury with a local company that 100% dismantles the motor and then reassembled with new parts..etc. my boat is too old for a $12k motor, so I think a $5-6k answer is better. With that said I have a 90hp (formerly a 75hp) and it’ll run 44-45mph, I planned on seeing if they had a max 125hp for my boat but was wondering if I should just do a 150/175 that would be of more use if I went to a 18’ boat later. The cost difference is very minor and I’d rather have a little more rather then not enough. Also I’d prefer to not have to be at wot to cruise from spot to spot. And if they have affordable four strokes, the options will be 115hp & 150hp, 115hp would still be “underpowered” sorta speak. So I guess my question is , do I go with a 150hp which would be 25hp over my plate (buddy has same boat with 150hp plate) or a 115hp which might still feel under powered and heavier if it’s a 4 stroke. It’s a 700LX DC, i travel a long way up the Delaware River to the Chesapeake so being under powered isn’t that fun

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