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Regulator Wire Burnt??

Thread in 'Marine Electronics' started by Clint5604, May 6, 2019.

  1. Clint5604

    Clint5604 New Member

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    May 3, 2019
    Good evening all. I just purchased a 2000 Nitro NX750, with a 125 hp Tracker marine outboard. I’ve spent 2 Days so far going through/cleaning boat and motor and came across the burned up connection on the regulator. It appears one of the 2 yellow wires going to the flywheel, is the culprit. The others around it are melted as well but not near as bad. The guy I bought it from started it up twice for me (with muffs) and it seemed to run fine. As far as I can tell, the regulator & flywheel both look fine. Anyone else ever came across this?

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