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Questions On Lower Unit Rebuild

Thread in 'Motors & Props' started by Outboard Newbie, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Outboard Newbie

    Outboard Newbie New Member

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    Aug 31, 2016
    I have a 96 Evinrude 150 outboard (E150ELEDB). It appears to have blown a seal in the lower unit(V4 & V6 Type O, Gear ratio V6 ratio 1.85:1, Water pump housing with spray hole. Had it out on lake one day and ate up the pinion gear in the lower unit, when I drained the lower unit it had no oil in it, just water and teeth off of the pinion gear. Diving into a rebuild of the lower unit. Purchased service Manual and all seals bearings and gaskets, and water pump kit, along with Evinrude gasket sealing compound, Loctite 609 retaining compound, Loctite 680, Johnson Systematched-Gel sealant 2. The only one the manual mentions is the gasket compound. The others appear to be substitutes for the Evinrude products. The sight the parts were ordered from says this on the Compound, Loctites, and Systematch-gel2....

    Evinrude gasket sealing compound-for any outboard motor lower unit gaskets, o-rings and oil seals Never hardens or dries out gaskets or seals Prevents corrosion of bolts and threaded area.

    Loctite 609 retaining compound-to install seals in water pump and bearing carrier.

    Loctite 680-.020 parts gap for installing seals.

    Johnson Systematched-Gel sealant 2-seals metal to metal surfaces on 2 part lower gearcases.

    The Manual uses these compounds......

    On water Pump install the manual uses Evinrude/Johnson Adhesive Type M to install this on the flat side of the impeller housing grommet (seals Driveshaft), and the groove for the water pump to impeller plate o-ring(irregular shaped o-ring that mounts in the bottom of the pump housing). Manual mentions the Gasket compound placement, I understand where it goes just not sure which Loctite to use. Looks like Loctite 609? Is this just a glue?

    On Models that have a gearcaselock wedge apply a light coat of Evinrude/Johnson Nut Lock Thread Lock to the wedge screw threads.

    On the bolts that hold the anode in place use Evinrude/Johnson Ultra-lock. Have not replaced this so no issue here.

    I don't see any mention on using any Loctite on roller bearing sleeves. I'm guessing that the Loctite 680 is the one to use since the Perma-tex equivalent is called Permatex Bearing Mount for Relaxed Fits", p/n 68040.

    Lot of info here, I'm sure I left out something I've read. Just looking for some direction on what needs to be sealed and what needs Loctite. Things to watch out for like not plugging the air bleed hole in the water pump housing with compound.

    Thanks for any info........
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