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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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Our newest site member is Doug Patillo, from the Tracker Customer Service team.

Doug is working on new user manuals for Tracker's product lines and he'll be seeking our input.

This is a terrific development.

Doug, I want to personally welcome you and publicly acknowledge that it is terrific to have you looking for owner input!
Welcome Doug!!

I am sure you will find a wealth of knowledg on this board. It's nice to see that Tracker is officially making use of this great site...

I am a Product Line Manager by trade and understand what you are faced with, I can assure you this will be an important stop on your information travels.

Welcome. Isuspect you're an avid fisherman too!!!

Pierre Voisine
Nitro State Team
Mercury ProStaff
Welcome aboard Doug! You'll find that any questions that you have will be met by intelligent, polite, input. If I or any of us can assist you, please feel free to ask.

Bruce Moore
Thank You all for the welcome. As Rich said, I am responsible for re-writing and producing the owners manuals. I will be producing very boat specific owners manuals...something we have needed for years. I am very new to Tracker and to the boating industry, so I will be asking for your opinion on different aspects as I begin to build the manuals. I welcome any and all comments, suggestions, advice, etc. that each and every one of you can offer.
I look forward to talking to you all.
Hey Mac, I saw him first, I want to do the illustrations! Ha ha! Welcome Doug, it is a great thing to have a Tracker representative join the site. You will find great imput from the folks here and it's all friendly to boot. Just let us know what ya need.

Great to see you on the board. I'm sure that you'll find that this board is about the most honest and comprehensive boating info area on the web. We all enjoy our boats and aren't afraid to ask questions or share information or opinions. You won't find a better group of individuals out there for sharing, especially when you are looking for information on Tracker or Nitro. I think that's one of the main reasons that we all participate, we all seek true and honest opinions on our Trackers or Nitros. Before this site (and still true today) you won't find it anywhere else.

Welcome Doug,Anything you need just shout.Looking forward in having a manual for my boat,once again another great idea from Tracker. Are you able to stop this snow TIGHT LINES Billy
Doug,'s an idea for you while I'm thinking about it,......somewhere in the back of the new and improved "Owners Manuals", would it be possible to put the website address for this site and a note to the affect of: "Visit the Nitro/Tracker Owners Web Site for quick, accurate and honest customer feedback for all of your boating and fishing questions."
That would really generate some interest and feedback.....just a thought.
Welcome aboard Doug. If you have any questions and/or comments about the marine industry, please dont hesitate to contact me. I worked in the OEM marine business for over 10 years. I am also a State Team member in Michigan with Mac out of Outdoor World Auburn Hills (Detroit).

Good Luck with your new position...

John "Mini" Maniaci
WOW! You guys are great. Once again thanks for the great welcome. That is a great idea Mac. In my original conversation with Rich, I had mentioned that I am going to try to get the website mentioned in the manuals, either at the conclusion of the manual or maybe on the acknowledgment page.