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Mike Harrison

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Nov 16, 2000
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Hey y'all

I know this site has many outdoorsy people. I know for a fact that we all aren't just into fishing and there has to be some hunters and some just plain outdoorsmen...and women. The purpose of my post here is that I am trying to hunt down an ATV winch for my Yamaha ATV. Thought, why the hell not try my good friends at Nitro/Trackerowners.com for info. So...basically what I'm looking for is a either a used Warn or Superwinch brand in the 1500 to 2000lb capacity. Brand new these puppies run from $150-$450 depending on brand and model. I don't need nothing fancy, just a nice winch to bolt onto my little Yamaha for that added security. Anywho...I'm done with my talk...got any info? I'll check back here and also you can email me at StanAramus@aol.com.

Thanks guys and gals,

Mike Harrison

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