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Jul 21, 2019
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I have a 2009 x-5 with a 115 hp 4s merc efi 1732 cc and am trying decide if I should move to a 4 blade prop. When i bought boat new the prop they put on it wouldn't get me on plane with a tank of gas and full livewell. I took it back to them and they tested it with same results. They put a 14 on it and I've been running it since. Hole shot norm about 5-6 secs with 42 mph at 6000 rpms. I recently put a Bob's machine stabilizer plate on and it helps but my hole shot still suffers..handling is better and can plane better at lower rpm's. My recommended rpm range according to my manual says 5800-6400 for this motor...I haven't pegged out the rpm's to see what top end I could get but have touched 6200 a few times and will get maybe 43 on the analog gauge. I know I would sacrifice a couple mph top end with 4 blade but I don't know what blade to get and or what would be the best pitch to optimize the rpm range? Oh, I have a 26 gal. fuel tank and 28 gal. livewell. I try to keep the fuel around 18-19 gals but I bumped it to almost 23 on a recent fill. Had to dunk trailer pretty deep at ramp to offload and took forever to plane.. Wont do that again.. especially with the tower of power back there on a 17'4" boat..weighs 399. Thanks for the thoughts...recommendations.. Learned alot about this boat since I joined and others as well.

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