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Wayne Riley

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Mar 16, 2000
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Looking for more speed and bow lift on my 901.
I have two stainless steel props and am trying to get more speed and bow lift. I have moved as much of the weight as I can from the front of the boat to the rear. Here are the performance specs for each of the props running a full load of equipment and fuel:
1. Fury 24 Pitch 3 blade. No vent plugs: Decent hole shot (engine spools right up}, RPM at WOT 5800, speed 63MPH (GPS), some bow lift
2. Tempest Plus 25 Pitch. 3 small vent plugs: Poor hole shot (engine spools right up), RPM at WOT 5800, speed 60MPH (GPS), no bow lift
I like the Fury prop the best and would going to a 25 or 26 pitch make an improvement? What prop are you running on your 901 CDX?