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Feb 19, 2018
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Belton, TX
Hey guys, I might have the trolling motor plate. I'm out of town till Friday but will look when I get home. Stay tuned...

CPT Chi-Town

Oct 18, 2016
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****cago, ILLinOIZ
Posted this over on BBC, but thought I would share with you guys too. I posted a couple of pics in a previous thread, but wanted to get it all together in one thread. Here's a list of what I've done to the boat this winter.

1. Painted both driver and pass consoles, cup holders, and rod storage.

2. New gauges and steering wheel

3. New switch panels (Courtesy of John at thebaitbar.com)

4. New Bass cat 24oz. ash carpet

5. Custom tackle storage

6. Completely rewired trailer lights

7. Resiliconed and fastened the rub rail

8. Wetsanded/buffed paint. (looks like new!)

9. Installed new floor under passenger seat.

10. 2 new polk audio marine speakers under driver and passenger dash, for a total of 4 speakers.

11. New carpeted deck extension.

It has been a massive job! A lot of fun, a lot of work, and a lot of results. Still need to install a new lower unit and custom rod storage, then I think we'll be done. At least for now. :)

There were some times that I though we got in too deep. But, it ended up better than I could have hoped for!

Here are some pics of the job and progress.

Before pics:

Some after pics:

New switch panels. (Again, big thanks to John at thebaitbar.com!)

Great looking rig Ross, I own a 1999 185 and thought you might be interested in our back seat mod. Plano boxes fit in each box tightly, section in the middle is for our cooler that is also tightly fitted for when we go salmon fishing, otherwise it's a step for this old duck to get in the rear seat, while my kid runs the front. Curious to find out what kind of paint you used on the consoles.

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