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Making use of empty tach opening for a smaller gauge to fit

Thread in 'Motors & Props' started by AirForce, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. AirForce

    AirForce Well-Known Member

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    Apr 17, 2013
    Smyrna TN
    Now this water pressure gauge install its kinda normal for the most part but here's the thing. Lets say you had removed a speedo which is as large as a tach. That was my problem - had removed the analog tach for a mercmonitor and why use a common speedo that's not very accurate for the most part as I rely on the GPS for speed readouts. At low speeds, that speedo is worthless until you get anywhere over 10mph. Lot of toons can't go more than 15 and if you're trolling for crappie, you kinda need to know if you're going 3 to 5mph (same for bass - depending on how finicky they are).

    So now I'm looking for something that will plug up a large hole in the dash. I finally came across the perfect gauge cover plug that SNAPS in place. I then drilled it out to the smaller 2.25in gauge size and installed my gauge. MOST of the gauge covers I found, had some kind of object that fastens to the console dash and you couldn't cut an opening into it without coming up with some kind of alternate bracket assembly.

    This guy on ebay has the perfect guage snap in covers for a standard tach/speedo opening. I also added a solution for winter freezes to prevent the gauge from freezing water during those cold months. By removing the cup holder, I just reach in, remove the tip, drain the water and reconnect ready for the next fishing season. If you forget - YOU will be reminded when it PEES on you [​IMG].

    So you guys remembered this hole


    So I ran my line from the motor (top middle portion of pic)


    ran it same way I did the mercmonitor cable on the starboard side and brought it out of the cupholder on the console. There I added my 3 way T, line in, line out and drain cap. Then secured the connections with cable ties.


    Ok, so now onto the snap in cover I was talking about. I was able to hold it with my hand on the shop table and drill it out for the guage.
    Side view of gauge and plug cover. Note the tabs


    Back view


    front view


    and now the installed view, it was a hard press fit snap, but its not gonna rotate - its there.

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  2. brantley moats

    brantley moats Well-Known Member

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    Jan 28, 2010
    Thanks for the tip on where to get a snap in cover, had to cut a piece of plywood when I first took it out. Looks like dodo right now. Will order me one now.

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