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Mike Harrison

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Nov 16, 2000
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Went to the 48th Annual Kansas City Sportshow Tuesday January 8th. I was happy to see more fishing boats this year compared to last years majority of speed/pleasure boats. AND, I also saw that new fandangled Tracker Avalanche. It don't look like aluminum because of all that sparkly paint. They had it rigged all wimpy with a 115hp motor. Wussies. They might be able to sell a few of those boats if they'd lower that price tag. Another strange site was the Stratos/Javelin area with yamahammers and mercs on the back. Something just wasn't right with that picture. They had a cool looking Harley Davidson Edition Triton boat. They were auctioning it off...you just wrote your name, number and bid on a board they had set up...high bid while i was there was $15,000. The living legend who's got to be around 160 years old, Harold Ensly was there too. Everyone's favorite Nitro guys, Rick Clunn and Kevin Van Dam will be there later in the week doing bass fishing clinics. Well, I'm gonna finish this post, my main reason was to let ya'll know I got to see an Avalanche up close, but it was hard to look too long with all those Ranger Pros squeezing in to look to.


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