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Dave P

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Aug 19, 2001
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Ok so my PT175 has been cleaned and polished to the point where I can't get it any cleaner. I have rearranged tackle storage and organized the compartments better then anything in my house. Finally I could not take it any longer. Here in South Jersey they have a winter trout-stocking program on a local lake by me. I went out and met about five die-hard fishermen one of which had an auger and was kind enough to drill about ten holes in the ice. My brother went with me and for two hours we had a blast catching and throwing back over 20 fish each. The limit is only 4 per person in the winter so we just culled until we got big ones! This was only the second year of this winter rainbow trout stocking program and the first time I have actually ice fished. As dusk approached I started walking around forgetting about the ten holes in the area and you guessed it my left leg conveniently found one of the holes. Well that's what I get for being a rookie ice fisherman.

Well back to dreaming of spending two hundred dollars for a new Shimano Chronarch!! Lets see there are 3 months to spring if I save twenty dollars a week

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