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Jun 14, 2020
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You posted this in the forum. But I thought I had a thread here on how to operate the software for posting etc.

1. Find the category that you are interested in, or that your question fits.
2. Click on the title and the index of threads will show.
3. At top of Index of threads is a blank link that shows "Thread title" faintly. Click in that.
4. Now the title and a larger box below it shows, that's for the body of your message/question. Fill those in.
5. Click on the bottom right Create/Post button.

6. If wish to add an image, use the attach files button on bottom left as that will take you to your image storage area on your device. Choose a photo. upload.
7. Best is to choose full image once the upload has happened.

Then you can do the Create/Post button after image/s are added.

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