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Hooking up visual indicators to Mercury alarm

Thread in 'Marine Electronics' started by AirForce, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. AirForce

    AirForce Well-Known Member

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    Apr 17, 2013
    Smyrna TN
    I've been wanting to do this for some time now. Finally been feeling pretty good lately (since pacemaker adjustment) and wanted to show my little project of connecting miniture LED lamps to a Mercury outboard audio warning system so not only will I get audio beeps but visual indicators as well - can't miss that.

    So first order of business is opening the dash panel and find the warning horn. It buried in the mesh wrap.


    So cut the cable ties from the mesh so I can get access to the horn wiring. Purple and Tan.


    So unplug the warning horn (didn't have to, just easier for it to be out of the way). I used wire connectors I like to refer to as vampire taps. Like this below


    I got these little pinhole type LED's in red a while back


    So then I'm deciding WHERE to mount these 2 mini pinhole led's and I found the perfect spot for them. It was already there, as I had 2 screws that originally screwed the dash panel to the center portion of console which I had cut away for easier access to the wiring.


    So I removed the center 2 screws (since it wasn't doing anything anyways) and now I need a drill bit to drill out the screw holes a little larger - the size the the nut that goes on the mini pinhole light.


    So now the wiring is done, covered the warning horn back into the mesh wrap and ready for action.


    Now for the test - and success

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