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Bruce Moore

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Aug 4, 2000
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OK, I know I'm supposed to be able to do this, but....

If one of you guys with a tv-18 or 175 or 185 Tracker would do me a favor, I would appeciate it. On your livewell switch, there are 7 terminals. Looking at the back of it, the terminal on the top right is ground with black wires going to it. What is the color code for the rest of the terminals? There is a Brown/orange with a jumper which is HOT That goes on the 2 center terminals. There is a red with a jumper, green, and another Brown/orange which I know is the supply going TO the aerator pumps.

Which terminals do the red and green wires go to, and which terminal does the red jumper connect to? By the way, the red and green are for the timer for the recirculating pump.

Thanks in advance

Thanks anyway. Sat down and thought about how it SHOULD work and wired it that way. Seems to work fine. Hope it works in the water like it does in the driveway! LOL