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Apr 26, 2001
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My livewell stopped pumping water and i can hear the pump running just no water coming out,my quick fix was to throw the motor in reverse and force water in the hole,now that doesnt work,i called service department and they cant get me in for a another week and i have a tourney in three days,can anyone offer some advice? I have the pro team 175 by the way with a 50 h.p.,my partner and i are the last to blast off "speedwise" out of the tourneys but we are currently in first place in point standings,I love it when i hear "the tracker boys did it again"


Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Check the pump motor to be sure that it is not clogged, also the line. If the motor is running, but no water is moving, your system is blocked somewhere. Start taking pipes apart 1 at a time until you find it. Very simple. If you can install a bathroom sink, you can repair almost anything on a livewell system. Until you get into the elec. switches. Good luck.


Kenji Snow

Jul 4, 2001
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Use a garden hose to flush your plumbing out. Start with the livewell drain, then the overflow, then your discharge on the stern and finally the intake on the stern. That should do it. If your pump is running, no need to replace it unless you get full flow through all the areas I mentioned. The pump is hard to access especially when putting it back in. Use aquarium silicone to seal the connections and give it at least 24 hours to cure before launching.

I have had lots of pump problems in the past year and the problem has always been debris. Sometimes filling the well and then pulling the plug will back flush enough to clear the problem.

If your pump freezes up, take it apart and clear the impeller. Three of my last 4 pump problems were from a single pebble jamming the impeller.

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