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Forum Rules & Guidelines

Thread in 'Forum Rules, Site Suggestions, & Help' started by Okuma, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. Okuma

    Okuma Administrator Staff Member Administrator

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    Jul 10, 2013
    Atlanta, GA
    Hello everyone! Here are the rules & guidelines. I will try to keep them as short as I can and I will add to them as needed so please check back every once in a while to make sure you are up to date.

    Just a disclaimer: These are the basic rules for the site but I also reserve the right to make up new ones on the fly and apply them to past threads or posts. If you join this site and post on this site, you agree to these rules. If I find any content that I think could cause us some trouble, legal or otherwise, I will remove it. Also, private messages are private, but upon occasion I have to go in and read them to figure out what is going on in certain situations. By using the PM system, you accept that I may access your PM’s if needed. I do not make a practice of monitoring PM’s, I get enough of those myself! (The ability to read other’s PMs is restricted solely to Administrators and Super Moderators.)

    Keep everything friendly! Don't be an ass to other members, it won't be tolerated.. Do not ever make any threats to anyone, whether in the public forum or in a PM. This includes suggesting that you meet up with someone and fight. You will be gone from the site quickly this way. Joking is fine and encouraged, this place is to be light hearted and no one should feel unwelcome.

    Please keep language sanitary! We are all adults here and I swear like a sailor, but try to keep it out of the forums. A lot of the members have children that like to browse the site with them and I would like for that to be a safe thing to do. Please refrain from typing around the censors, they are there for a reason! Just say shut instead of ****, friggin instead of ****, etc. Substitutions are fine, just don't change a character in a word to get around the censor, like using $ instead of an S.

    Please do not post pictures or reference crying babies, wambulances, etc into threads where they will not be welcomed (such as a debate thread.)

    Please be very courteous to new members and realize that a lot of people, including me, never look at the rules when they first join a site. If someone has 1 post and joined yesterday and they post a listing without a price, don’t jump on them for it. We’re different here. Also I greatly appreciate all the welcome responses I see when someone posts an “I’m new here” thread.

    No bashing of other sites. Discussions are allowed but no “That site sucks!!!!!” posts should be made. Sites can be mentioned and discussed, just not bashed.

    If you haven’t heard, there seems to be a trend surfacing that could affect us at some point. Apparently lawyers in Las Vegas have begun copyrighting news articles and then suing websites like ours when members have cut and pasted a news story from their paper. From here on out, DO NOT cut and paste any content from other sites, especially news articles or copyrighted material, just post a link to the material.

    Anything that can be portrayed as libel will be edited or removed. I know that is pretty vague, as I research what constitutes libel I will amend the rule.

    Everyone is allowed to post pictures for their avatars. I just ask that you avoid anything too racy, gross, inflammatory, or offensive. I will remove or change your avatar if I find it to be too racy, gross, freaky looking, etc. If it is a sexy woman picture, it needs to be something that could be worn in the grocery store without anyone losing their minds, I think that pretty much covers it.

    Everyone is allowed to have a signature, but it can't be anything offensive. Nothing explicit, overly-sexual, etc. Just try and keep it clean please.

    Moderators are here to keep an eye on the place when I can’t. They are regular users who happen to spend a lot of time on here.

    Please understand that moderators do not have to be neutral in conversations, they have opinions just like you and me. They do not get paid and volunteer their time to help with the site, so there is no reason they should be muzzled on topics they would like to discuss.

    These are the duties of the moderators:

    They keep threads and posts in the right places.
    They monitor threads for violations of the rules listed here.
    They edit or delete posts when needed, i.e. profanity, name calling, etc.
    They ban spammers.
    They issue temporary bans for constant rule breakers or general troublemakers.

    Permanent bans still have to go through me, Okuma Steve, but are usually based on the opinions and recommendations of the mods. As long as you keep it friendly and play nice with others I doubt you will ever have an issue with any of the mods or myself.

    That’s pretty much it.

    Please have a little respect for the mods, they are just doing what I ask them to do. If you have an issue with a mod just send me a PM, don't go and tell them to "f off," that's just uncalled for.
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  2. Fishhawk50

    Fishhawk50 New Member

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    Apr 28, 2018
    Loudon, TN
    New member....trying to post a question about fuse box about my old 2007 Nirto 189 sport and can't figure out how to post a question. How do I post a question?
  3. cq

    cq Well-Known Member

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    Dec 31, 2001
    Hot Springs Natl Park
    Go to the Forum you want to post , upper right hand side "Post New Thread"

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