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Jun 22, 2024
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Plainfield, IL
In the process of removing the Lowrance Hook7 that came stock on the boat and replacing it with a Helix 8 on my 22 Targa V18 WT. I've traced the old power cord back into the bottom right hand corner of the drivers console, but cannot seem to find where it runs from there. Does anyone have any tips? Is it easiest to just remove the console, or do I need to pull all the side panels? I appreciate any help anyone can offer up!!
I had a 22 Targa V19 WT so mine should have been similar. The power should run from the right console, down to the buss located behind the kick panel on the right front floor. Locate your buss and it should tie into there. I am not sure if you are chasing the power from the 12v battery to the buss, but you could always back trace that from the battery compartment. If you are replacing transducer, then the easiest way is to use an electrician's fish rod down the side of the gunnel. I think I had to remove one side panel area to fish it through. It was not terrible, but not a lot of fun either. The smaller the diameter for the electrician's fish, the better off you are. There are very small access holes, (1 1/2") diameter holes that may already have a ton of wires crammed through the holes.
Husker525, I ended up pulling the console, just due to being built by Shrek, it made it easy to run all the wiring straight into the fuse box. You'd think manufacturers would take into consideration a bit more room for making I also removed a side panel when removing old transducer cable. Of course installation was 100x's easier than removal, but all done and ready to hit the water again!!

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