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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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Hi, all.

You may notice that member names no longer show up as email links in the message board. This step is being taken to cut down on potential problems with both spammers and viruses.

Some of the newer viruses spread from one machine to another by emailing themselves to addresses found on web pages cached locally in your Windows Internet temporary files area. These message board pages are ripe with addresses, and I want to cut down on the chance of our members getting spammed or attacked by email viruses.

You can still get a member email address by clicking on the "M" next to the member's name.

Posts made by guests will continue to have email addresses available until I have time to find a way to store them "off page".

I can't stress enough: Take appropriate precautions against virus.

1) always run anti-virus software

2) keep your anti-virus software up to date

3) don't open email attachments unless you know what to expect in them...sometimes a virus arrives in the form of an attachment from someone you know...many viruses email themselves from the PC of an unknowing user

4) always have backups on disk, CD, zip, tape, etc. of your most critical files


Staci Matheis

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Oct 13, 2000
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"Thanks!", Rich, for helping to protect those of us who aren't quite so familiar with how to protect our own computers!