Back to the shop after 4 years.

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Sep 22, 2017
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Baton Rouge, LA
About 4 years ago I had to have the altenator replaced on my 2017, Z18, with the the 150 fourstroke engine. It would draw current with the key off. After that incident, I installed the PERKO battery cut-off switch. The alternator replacment work was done under warranty since my boat was only about a year old. I also went ahead and upgraded the Mercury warranty to the Platinum plan which extends the warranty AND covers eletrical issues as well through a full 5 years. I've discovered this week that I have the same issue again- If I forget to turn off the battery switch, the engine will kill my battery- With the key off, there is a constant Amp draw to the alternator. Fortunately, I have two more months on the 5 year warranty..... Engine is at about 250 hours of total runtime now and this is this the only issue I've ever had with it. I'm hoping this in not an every 4 year event since I don't plan to get another boat....