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Targa V19

Mar 28, 2021
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Thought I would post an end of season update on my new boat purchased this spring. What is a good contact to send my list to for warranty work? Going to my dealer in the next few days and so far my only warranty claim fo a new transducer mount has not been reimbursed. I will try to make the list in order of importance.
1. Trim gauge has not worked since day one
2. Water standing in the center forward compartment below the rod storage locker, needs a drain hole.
3. Stereo appears to not have an antenna hooked up, will not pick up any AM or FM stations, works well when Bluetooth to your phone.
4. Seat back screws falling out, drivers seat needs repaired. I fixed two of the fishing seats myself.
5. Carpet coming off the back jump seat, bare aluminum showing through and digging into my floor.
6. Transducer mount that will not stay locked down above 35 mph, boat will run about 52mph. Different mount or different location?
7. Boat built for kicker motor, no kicker motor as part of my order! Extra tie down on back of boat and kicker motor control boot in the motor well with no wires or cables, just an extra hole for water to come in, needs covered!
8. Throttle control extremely touchy, needs tension adjustment.

Problems adjusted or repaired by me already.
1. Bent side plate on boarding ladder platform, rubber mallet adjustment.
2. Bimini top brace pole brackets have set screws in plastic, would not stay in place. Adjusted and pop riveted in place.
3. Bearing buddy rubber seal plug had extra chunk on seal not trimmed off, did not fit correctly. Trimmed and fitted correctly.
4. Ski tow pole would not fit, adjusted mount for proper fit.
5. Seat and seat bases screws coming loose, tightened multiple times.
6. Repaired driver foot panel door, bent hinge and stripped screws.
7. Installed two new thru bolts on fuse panel. Held in place by two sheet metal screws, one of which just pulled out of the sheet metal leaving it dangling and bouncing around in the compartmen.

Overall the boat is fantastic, like trading your flip phone for the newest IPhone, just a little disappointed in the lack of attention to detail. Really didn’t like the thought of losing the fishing and boating season while the boat sat at a dealership for repairs. That is why I did so many fixes myself. Now if I could just get these other things taken care of I will be ready for Spring! Thanks for letting me vent!


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Mar 25, 2021
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Finger Lakes
Just saw this report on your boat problems. Wish I had seen it before I got my Nitro Z19 Sport in the first week May 2021. I to had too many problems with poor workmanship with my boat. Some were fixed by Tracker Marine and some fixed by me. Tracker Marine can only fix the damaged part if given replacement parts and it seem that Nitro and White River Marine are not giving them the parts they need to fix my boat. Still waiting to have a damaged dash, bimini frame, rusting stainless steel prop, rusting trailer. Very disappointed in Nitro's and White River marines lack care to get things fixed.


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