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2015 Nitro Z7

Thread in 'Marine Electronics' started by steve p day, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. steve p day

    steve p day New Member

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    Apr 27, 2018
    Madison, WI
    Looking for help. Was putting in my trolling motor batteries with a wrench which touched the negative to positive on the 2 batteries causing, well, quite a series of sparks. Part of the post actually melted down. The batteries appear fine and the the onboard charger indicated nothing wrong. I have no power anywhere now, not just the trolling motor but the crank side also is dead. The circuit breakers on crank battery nor on trolling batteries was tripped. I manually tripped them and reset the crank side. The breaker on the trolling batts will not reset even after taking it off the batts so it appears to be shot. I also checked the fuses by the batteries, no issues, yet I have no power anywhere in the boat. Can that trolling motor fuse cause all power to be out in the boat? I would think it would only affect the trolling side. I did have power initially on the cranking batt before the mishap. Is there a master breaker that is not inline with the batteries? Thanks for any help!

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