2013 Nitro Z7 Sport wakeboard storage lid

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Apr 11, 2021
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Bull Shoals, AR
Good Morning, I am new to the Nitro & Tracker boat forum, but have owned a 2013 Nitro Z7 Sport for 8 years now. I am considering covering the wakeboard storage area lid with SeaDek or similar floor laminate product. I am thinking this will cover the holes in the lid and prevent water from draining/dripping into storage area. I typically store pfds and some tackle boxes in this area and have mold issues when the pfds get wet. I am not sure what the function of the numerous slots/holes in the storage area lid may be but it appears to be a very poor design if you want to keep stored items dry.

Any thoughts on this issue or ideas for covering the storage lid with a waterproof product?

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