2003 Nitro 288 Sport repowered with 225 Ficht!

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Thomas Teller

May 26, 2018
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Hatboro, PA
I've been building/repowering a 2003 Nitro 288 Fish & Ski for resale. I've recently experienced some stalling issues and have discovered multiple sensor faults, specifically the water temp., air temp. and shift interrupt sensors. The sensors all fail specific guidelines and test parameters. I'm tired of all the retoric about EMM failures and am wondering what exactly these "rebuilders" actually do to dumb the computer down to tolerate all the erratic inputs that cause the failures. Is there some type of filter that can be applied? I don't trust the advice they give, seems like a lot of scammers. The board on this unit is not damaged and has not seen many hours of operation since "rebuilt" last.

So now that I have the temp. sensors for air & water in place that work correctly the three lights from the left do not remain lit and lock out the system but, I am having nagging trouble with this 2000 225 Ficht that I used to repower my Nitro 288 Sport. She's a beauty of a project, but currently likes to stall suddenly and now I can't get her to start. The motor cranks, but "skips" flashes the three lights left to right simultaneously. I have replaced the temp. sensor for air and water due to faulty ohm values when temp. change testing from cold to boiling point & the shift interrupt switch due to sticking. The starter draws down to 7.6 to 8.4 volts yesterday, I'm suspicious that this is too low to get her to fire the plugs/activate injectors. Anybody have knowledge here?

The cables are new, properly gauged from a pair of deep cycle batteries in parallel to power the starting circuit. I'm thinking I will try to isolate the starter motor for testing. The crank can be spun by hand by turning the flywheel.

The solenoid tested indicates a fault in the - terminal when relay closes causing an inconsistent ohm reading that goes down with repeated switching. Ordered a replacement and am pulling the starter for an overhaul! It looks like the whole assembly can be broken down, cleaned up and perhaps simply renew the brushes or just clean those up too. This motor has 775 hours, so there should not be a lot of wear and tear.

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