2002 Pro Crappie 175 -Finally Pin Pedestal seat posts

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Jun 30, 2000
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Was at the new BPS in Atlanta on Sunday, saw the 2002 Pro Crappie. Tracker finally did away with the Taper Lock seat/bases and moved to the standard bass boat Pin Pedestal seat/bases. I love the way it looks with just a small hole and carpet all around, as opposed to the Taper Lock bases where there is a larger hole and a good sized raised metal base to trip over.

Just 2 years too late for me! Now if I could just get rid of this cold, finish studying and pass my Project Management Institute certification test on Dec 12th - THEN I can go FISH!!!

I can't complain as I got my boat the first year it came out and i've not still seen another manufacture come up with a boat like this!