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Jul 9, 2024
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Just wanted to post some information I have found about the transom drain plug on my boat. I have looked far and wide for a replacement plug. Mine is original and the rubber washer is pretty dry and hard not to mention if I lost or misplaced the plug I would be in a jam. So I had been searching the internet for a replacement with no luck finding any plug as a direct replacement. I went to Basspro boat department and talked to a guy that said they were discontinued. He also said those plugs have a finer thread than the new style so they won't work so I needed to purchase a new kit which I did not want to mess with that being I have a fiberglass transom. Made no sense why you would have to do that instead of purchasing a replacement. So I looked at my plug closer and found it is a sea dog plug. Then I reached out to Sea Dog because I just couldn't fathom the company discontinuing a plug that was so widely used. I took a picture of my plug along with my boat info and received an email back stating I needed a 354-520021 Sea Dog replacement plug. I just received two new plugs and the fit great. Hope this helps anyone who had lost their plug or needs a replacement and was told they need a whole new kit!

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