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Robert Spradley

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May 28, 2001
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Most of you probably remember my "Horrible Story" where I bought a boat that had an engine to big for it. Well I recently purchased a 125 Mercury and now need to sell the 150. This was my first boat and I do not know much about engines, however I am going to try and list everything about the motor and be honest, so I don't mislead anyone here at this site. The last thing I want to do is cause someone else grief after all the pain and suffering I've endured the past couple of months. The engine is a 1986 which was rebuilt in 1999. The oil injection has been removed so you have to mix the oil with the fuel. I just had the lower end rebuilt, new seals and water pump. It has a type "C" trim and tilt, which mean the hydraulic pump mounts on the inside of the transom with the hoses going out to the cylinder. I will be letting the stainless steel prop go with the motor since it won't work with the 125. The prop is a 23 pitch. I will probably let the 5" manual jackplate go as well. (Have not decided whether I won't it on my boat or not. Ok, now the money. I was told by my bank when I purchased the boat that the value of the engine is the year is was rebuilt. A 99 150 is worth around 4000. Not sure if this info was correct so I look up value for 86 as well. It is 1000. Like I said, I don't won't to mislead. The least I will take for everything is $1500.00. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. I have already purchased new motor and I just want to get rid of 150 and move on. If anyone is interested, I will email phone number. Thanks Robert Spradley

Bill McElroy

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Jul 26, 2000
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If the least you'll take is $1500,...and the bank says it's worth $4000,.....then I'd ask $2500 and take the first serious offer over $2000 especially if they want the jack plate too.......$1500 is too cheap and you should make a few bucks just for your troubles!! The fact that it's no longer oil injected will decrease the value.... Just my opinion anyway. Good luck,...sounds like a good motor though!!


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