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05 Nitro Nx 750

Thread in 'Nitro & Tracker Owners' started by Bassnewbie, May 22, 2017.

  1. Bassnewbie

    Bassnewbie New Member

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    Apr 30, 2017
    Ontario, Canada
    Can anyone explain this mess for me. I am completely new to boating and I just bought a Nitro Nx 750. Short story I put the boat in water and the next morning realized the bilge was pumping lots of water out. So I checked my pumps and the boat has 2 aerator pumps and 1 bilge pump. One of the aerator pumps had a broken seal and was leaking. Needless to say the next morning after heavy rain the entire boat was full of water to the point where I couldn't plane it. I slowly made it to the launch and got the boat out, now my question is will this broken pump cause that much water to leak in or am I looking at a bigger problem. The livewell pumps water in and the bilge pumps water out but when I tried to pump water out of the livewell nothing happened. The pump with the broken seal I believe is the pump that has the job for pumping out the livewell. Any help please guys thanks!!! 20170522_162450.jpg 20170522_162450.jpg 20170522_162241.jpg 20170522_162450.jpg 20170522_162241.jpg 20170522_161424.jpg
  2. cq

    cq Well-Known Member

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    Dec 31, 2001
    Hot Springs Natl Park
    Rain storms can fill a boat very quick, I know from experience, ran to marina from a thunder storm, after storm there was only two inches of free board left. After that day I installed auto bilge pump switch. As for as your pumps leaking, look at the size of the hose for them, with a boat sitting in the water you can get a lot of water.

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