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  1. M

    Suggestions on transducer mounting location on my 2010 Z7

    I could use some advice on the best spot to mount my transducer on the back of my Z7. I hate that I will have to drill holes in the transom to mount it so I want get it right the first time. Should it be down close to the drain plug or on the same level? There’s like two different levels. Any...
  2. Mark Scala

    Asking for the Benefit of Your Experience – Transom Transducer Installation

    I'm installing a Humminbird Helix 7 at the console of my 1999 700 LX. I have had the same unit at the bow with a trolling motor transducer for the last two seasons. Installation was easy. This will be my first time installing a transom mounted transducer. The previous unit at the console had a...