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  1. BrettL

    New Nitro Owner

    Greetings... I’m in the process of buying a 2020 Nitro Z20. As you probably already know, I got lucky I found this one at a dealer as they are hard to come by right now. Anyway, I’ve had many Bass boats but I’m upgrading from a 19’ center console aluminum Ranger. BIG DIFFERENCE! I’ve read a lot...
  2. B

    Electrical Problem

    Good afternoon, I am brand new to this forum but at a loss as to what to do. I bought my dream boat back in Nov of 2018 (Nitro Z21 2018). It was stolen in the spring of 2019 and when it was found two days later it was stripped. I have had all the components replaced but have a problem with...
  3. T

    1994 Nitro 170 Dc Won't Plane

    Hey guys I've posted on a couple sites and am still looking for help, I just bought my first bass boat and I'm having a problem with it getting on plane. It's a 1994 Nitro 170 DC Rick Clunn Edition with 115 hp Evinrude, I got a hell of a deal on it so I felt like it was time to pull the trigger...
  4. C

    Help 1999 911 Cdc Not Getting On Plane Easily

    I just bought this boat a little over a month ago and have taken it out 4 times or so. Its not my first boat.. so I'm experienced with getting boats on plane.. but damn this boat is a tuff one! this is 20' 2" and paired with the Mercury 225 Dfi (3.0l).. Currently I'm replacing spark plugs...