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    2006 Nitro 700LX owner's manual?? Pleeeeeaase! Boat carpet redo recommendations?

    Hello boat gurus, My dear hubby has been given his father's (sitting in the yard for a few years with quite a few issues) 2006 Nitro LX 700. Some of the lights are not working and there is not a listing map (not sure what you call them) at the fuse box panel, as there is in a car. The shop he...
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    2005 700lx Mercury 90

    I'm getting ready to start my 3rd fishing season with my Nitro 700lx, and I'm still struggling on prop and engine setup. The boat came with a 23P aluminum prop. I was able to get 44-45mph with gps. After talking back and forth with my local boat shop, I ended up buying a 21P Solas Saturn SS...